Business English Course Elementary – Module 2

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Business English – Elementary Level Module 2

Con trainer madrelingua inglese

(approx. 20 hours)


  1. Past Simple/ Past time references
  2. Past Simple/Negatives and Questions: Question forms
  3. Quantifiers
  4. Comparative/Superlatives
  5. Present Continuous
  6. Present Simple v Present Continuous
  7. Talking about the future: Will
  8. Should Shouldn’t/Could/Would
  9. Present Perfect
  10. Past simple and present perfect

Business Communication Skills

  1. Interview with a management consultant
  2. Dealing with problems
  3. Giving advice on problems at work
  4. Participating in Discussions
  5. Presenting you and your practice
  6. Interviewing skills
  7. Communication
  8. Making arrangements
  9. Identifying problems and agreeing action
Costo del corso
  • Individuale (non membri) €960 +iva
  • Gruppo (non membri)- €500 +iva
  • Individuale (membri l’ordine di psicologi -Emilia Romagna)- €700 +iva
  • Gruppo (membri l’ordine di psicologi -Emilia Romagna) -€ 400 +iva

Materiali – €75 +iva – include testo con CD

Data del corso- da stabilire


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