Conflict Resolution, Negotiation, Mediation and Presentation Workshops – December 2018

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The Conflict Resolution, Negotiation, Mediation and Presentation

Workshops – 2018

7, 8 & 9  December 2018,

Bologna, Italy.


DAY 1 – Module 1 – Conflict Resolution and Management

  1. What is conflict
  2. Different types of conflict
  3. Positive and negative aspects of conflict
  4. Pro-active ways of dealing with conflict
  5. Choosing appropriate communication tactics when dealing with conflict
  6. Engaging external assistance in conflict management and resolution
  7. Intracultural and Intercultural aspects of conflict
  8. Exercising mindfulness in conflict resolution strategies
  9. Workshop exercise and feedback

DAY 2 – Module 2 – Negotiating Techniques for managing conflict

  1. Negotiating Effectively and identifying guidelines
  2. Demonstrating the process and principles of negotiating
  3. Language in negotiations
  4. Steps in negotiations from preparation to conclusion
  5. Negotiating an agreement in emails and the use of persuasive language
  6. Intercultural considerations in negotiations
  7. Handling problems and useful language to reach a negotiation
  8. Workshop exercise and feedback

DAY 3 – Module 3 – The Art of Mediation & Interpersonal Skills

  1. Overview of Mediation in the US, UK, EU and Italy
  2. What makes a good mediator
  3. Stages in Mediation Cycle
  4. The Language of Mediation
  5. Listening Skills
  6. Questioning Skills
  7. Mediation Strategies
  8. Managing Dirty Tricks
  9. Strategy for dealing with Challenging Behaviour

DAY 3 – Module 4 – Presentations in an intercultural environment

  1. Giving an effective presentation
  2. Referring to and describing visuals
  3. Using persuasive language
  4. Bringing it together
  5. How to deal with questions and interruptions from the audience
  6. How to deal with Q & A sessions
  7. How to create slides which are clear and easy to read
  8. Intercultural considerations in presentations
  9. Workshop: Presentation and feedback


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